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Baikal MP-661K Drozd BlackbirdHave you been dreaming of a world-class BB machine-gun? We have it...the Drozd Blackbird from the Baikal factory in mother Russia, imported by red-blooded Americans to America for Americans.

Looking for a High-Pressured Air (HPA) or Co2-powered BB-gun with full-auto mode? How about a Russian airgun that accepts a 900-round magazine?

The MP-661K Blackbird can employ various power sources: 12-gram and larger capacity Co2 cylinders or pre-charged air cylinders. The hopper-type super-high capacity magazine accommodates up to 900 BB's.

The integrated electronic switch easily converts the airgun from single-shot to full automatic mode, and the firing rate is selectable from 300 to 450 to 600 rpm.

"The Gat" w/ Full Auto Chip and Direct Air Adapter BUNDLE

Blackbird shown with high capacity CO2 cylinder

The Gat with direct air adapter included...SAVE $10! The last one - no more stock!

Ships with full stock.

  • Price: $400.00

"The Gat" Baikal MP-661K Drozd Blackbird with Full Auto Chip

Blackbird shown with high capacity CO2 cylinder

Professionally installed chip converts settings into 1-3-Full Auto. Full stock included. The last one - no more stock!

  • Price: $390.00

Snyperskaya-Innova Barrel

Snyperskaya-Innova Barrel

Extended Snyperskaya-Innova™ tactical barrel for Drozd Blackbird significantly improves penetration power and accuracy.


  • Price: $139.00

Blackbird Direct Air Adapter

Blackbird Direct Air Adapter

Stainless steel, bead blasted for a beautiful satin finish and maximum durability. Attach to the Drozd air port so you can use all paintball air sources, accessories and tanks.

  • Price: $37.50

Circuit board

Circuit board

This US-made circuit board converts the Blackbird into 1-3-Full Auto mode. Replace the original circuit board yourself and save!

  • Price: $85.00

Piercing device

Piercing device

Piercing device fits three 12gram O2 cylinders. Approximately 100 shots per 12 gram cartridge at maximum rpm. (cylinders not included)

  • Price: $30.00

Faux silencer

Faux silencer

This faux silencer is suitable for all Drozd Blackbird models.It fits both Blackbird and Bumblebee models.

  • Price: $15.00

Baikal MP-661K Drozd Blackbird

MP-661K Drozd Blackbird

The base, factory standard model Blackbird uses both CO2 and high pressure air. It offers selective fire (300, 450 or 600 fpm), plus variable burst (1, 3 or 6 BBs).

  • Price: $290.00

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