Full-Auto Clip-Fed Drozd "Bumblebee"

Classic clip-fed Drozd
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Classic Drozd

The Full Automatic-Fire Clip-Fed Drozd Bumblebee (above).

We're inspired by Vasily Zaytsev, the famed "Enemy at the Gates" sniper who killed 400+ German soldiers and officers during the Battle of Stalingrad, to offer a fully-automatic Drozd "Bumblebee!" Zaytsev (at left) was so accurate that some of his confirmed kills were at distances of more than 1,100 yards!

We've built a continuous-fire chip into the classic one-BB-one-bullseye airgun so you can drain the 30-BB clip with just one squeeze of the trigger!


Don't underestimate the power and quality of the classic Drozd! The latest version clip-fed Drozd is modular, and we have a wide range of accessories to make this Russian-made BB airgun sing! This is the perfect platform to custom upgrade using our accessories like the Snyperskaya-Innova™ barrel.

Classic Drozd

Dasha takes aim with the Drozd, shown with the Snyperskaya-Innova™ barrel (above).

Classic Drozd

And here it is shown with our accessory red dot sight attached (above).

The Drozd is powered by a standard Co2 cartridge and six AAA batteries. The airgun has selectable fire rates (1=single shot, 2=three round burst, 3=full auto) and cycle speed controls (300 rounds per minute, 450 rounds per minute, 600 rounds per minute). The pistol-style magazine holds 30 BBs.

Includes a two-part AR-15-style shoulder stock and a 350 BB loader.

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